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This is the place that all the PvP (Player vs Player) action takes place. If you want to kill other players then come here.

Training Facility:
You want to visit this place twice every day! This is where you can train your character to become stronger. Don’t forget about coming here.

You can come here and advance your outpost. You can attack other outposts here for tokens which can be used for food and drink at the Food/Drink Shop:, or to advance your outpost. To upgrade your outposts you need Tokens, Burelia and Alethite. You can build Mines and Farms, as well as train units for your outpost.

Skill Shop:
This is where you can go to buy skills for your class. Skills are bought with Rhodium. Click the “view skills on offer” then roll your mouse over the skill to get a brief description about the skill. If you click “Details” then you will have the option to buy it, if you haven’t all ready learned it.

Higher Learning:
This place has the most powerful skills in the game. These skills are very expensive to buy. You buy these skills with Sapphires. You will see a description of the skills as well as the level you need to use the skill. Good luck trying to buy one of these!

Jousting Arena:
The is a Subscriber only place. In here you can Joust for the top prize of 100 Sapphires. Best of luck Jousters!

Great Arena:
If you are level 50 or above and think you are a strong player then you should try out this place. This place contains some very powerful monsters. You will enter and have to try to find a combination to unlock the monsters. Each combination guess costs 500 gold. These monsters are strong but you will get a lot of satisfaction as well as experience and gold from these monsters


Seafaring Dock:
Want to go fishing? Want to battle other people’s boats? Well here is where you want to go. You can make your boat strong and become the terror of the seas or you can be a fisherman for profit. The choice is yours.

After you become level 30 you can come to this guy to get a more powerful Weapon, Armor, Shield, and Helmet that is made for you. The prices are paid with Rhodium, Burelia and/or Alethite. You can also give your items a name when you make them. Every time you go up a combat level after 30 you should come here to upgrade all your items.

Your House:
In here you can create your own Dwelling. You must buy the wood and materials to advance your dwelling to its max. You will collect interest every hour. You must put stones (2 Rhodium per stone) so that you can collect interest every hour. A stone is taken away every reset. A fully upgraded dwelling will bring in 1,000 gold per hour, so that’s 24,000 gold a day.

Red Lobster:
This place is very complicated. It is a series of mind boggling puzzles that you can hopefully solve. You will face some fierce monsters as well as receive prizes. Do you have the knowledge and the skill to complete the Red Lobster?

Indigo Caves:
In this cave you can go fishing for squid. You can find various sorts of squid from small, medium, large and monster. Monster squids are very tricky to catch, but if you catch one you will get a good prize. The Indigo Caves can not be accessed until you have beaten a certain stage of the Red Lobster.

City Limits:

Grady’s Shack:
Is there a player you want to know what his stats are? Or is there a player that you want dead? Well Grady is the guy for you. If you are an Ultra Subscriber then you are safe from Grady, if you are not then watch out.

Alter of Diamonds:
This place is a very special place. If you have an Diamond then you can come here and either raise your level by one or lower your level by one. If you raise your level by one you will look stronger then you really are, if you lower your level you will look weaker then you really are, that way you can get attacked more or attack more.

Player Search:
Want to find a player in the game? Go here and you can either type in their user name or their ID number and you can find a friend or someone you just want to talk to.

Great Hall:
If you need any help with the game you can go to this place and contact one of the staff members. If you have serious issues you can contact an Admin, if you have a moderate issues you can contact Staff, if you want to know how to do something in the game you can contact a Helper. Everyone is happy to help you with your issues.

Palace Ruins:
So you think you’re an Elite player huh? Well prove your worth here. Some of the games toughest monsters are hidden behind the doors of this place. If you can beat the entire palace you will be rewarded greatly. Are you up for the challenge?

Once you become level 95 you can come here to become an Emminence Class. An Emminence class player is a person that has become very powerful and should be feared. This player has invested a lot of time into the game to become an Emminence class. Will you one day become an Emminence class?

Need to learn how to play the game? Rowan is a really helpful guy that is willing to give you a good head start in the game. He requires a few things to be done, but after its all done you will be even more prepared to advance in the game.

Shopping District:

Weapons Shop:
If you would like to purchase different Weapons then come here for them. If you want to sell your Weapons you can come here and sell them. Sometimes it might be better to buy or sell your Weapons in the Item Market.

Armor Shop:
If you would like to purchase different Armor then come here for them. If you want to sell your Armor you can come here and sell them. Sometimes it might be better to buy or sell your Armor in the Item Market.

Shield Shop:
If you would like to purchase different Shield then come here for them. If you want to sell your Shield you can come here and sell them. Sometimes it might be better to buy or sell your Shield in the Item Market.

Helmet Shop:
If you would like to purchase different Helmet then come here for them. If you want to sell your Helmet you can come here and sell them. Sometimes it might be better to buy or sell your Helmet in the Item Market.

Food/Drink Shop:
You can purchase Energy and HP restoring food and drink in this shop. You buy these items with Tokens you get from Outposts.

Ring Shop:
If you would like to purchase different Rings then come here for them. If you want to sell your Rings you can come here and sell them. Sometimes it might be better to buy or sell your Rings in the Item Market. Rings add bonuses to your stats such as Agility, Strength, HP, or Energy.

High Council:
Need a custom package for yourself that isn’t on the list at the Subscription Office? Well here you can make packages that YOU want and that will fit your budget. You get discounts here depending on how much you spend.

City Centre:

Fort Centre:
Go here if you want to make a new Fort. A new Fort is a hefty price but many people have done it. You can click “View Fort List” to see all the clans that are in the game. You can also come here and view the invites you have received from other clans. Click “View Invites” to see who has invited you to join their Fort. Click on the “View Fort Battle Rankings” to see how your Fort or an opposing Fort is ranked against your Fort or maybe someone else’s Fort.

Town Cryer:
This place will give you a lot of information about the game. It will tell you when the next revive and reset is. It will also tell you how many players that are in the game, ho much in game currency there is, as well as how much armour, weapons, food and drink are in the game.

Post Office:
This is where you can go to check your mail, add mail to your keep box, compose a new message, and view your friends.

Visit here to see all the players that are in the game listed numerically by ID number.

Wall of Fame:
This is where you can look at some of the best players in the game. You can search through many options here and notice the top 10 players in each section as well as how good you are ranked. One day you might be in the top 10, it’s a great goal to aspire for.

Jail House:
This is the place where are all bad players go to. People that break rules or do other punishable behaviors end up here. You do NOT want to end up in this place.

Subscription Office:
You can come here to buy all types of different subscription plans or packages to further advance your character in the game.


If you go here you can explore some woods and set Traps to hopefully catch animals. Different animals have different price values. This is another good place to go if you want to make some money in your early stages of the game.

The Forest:
If you don’t want to gain experience by killing other players you can come here to gain some experience from the monsters here. You can come and visit this place as long as you have Energy and Hitpoints.

The Dark Forest:
After you are level 10 and you think you are strong enough to enter this place then go for it. This forest has a lot more monsters then the Forest does, but these monsters are stronger. You can come here as long as you have Energy and Hitpoints just like in the Forest.

Mystic Forest:
This is like a mixture of the Upper Ven and the Dark Forest. You can kill players, kill monsters, and explore caves in this place. You can come here as long as you have Energy and Hitpoints just like in the other forests.

Pig Farm:
Go here to use that Energy that you didn’t want to use, or couldn’t use and make some money. Also you can train your Woodcutting here.

Old Shack:
You can play a game of hangman here. It will cost you 30 gold to play it, but if you win you will receive 60 gold. This is great to play as a younger player that needs money.

Old Tree:
After you reach level 40 you can come visit this place. An old man wants you to collect Leaves for him, if you collect them he will give you a prize. Leaves can be found in the Dark Forest after you reach level 40, they are rare to find however.

Business Zone:

Polling Station:
Topics that are under discussion in the game might be brought up here for players to vote on. You vote does matter, so visit the polling station whenever a new poll is up and let your voice be heard.

Want to know the most recent updates of the game? Come here and click on the “Updates Forum” to see the new improvements of the game.

The Eroynia Daily:
This is the newspaper of Wardor that also has advertisements of some items in the markets.

Click here get some in game help.

Referral Shop:
If you have referral points then come here and purchase items for all your hard work from referring people to join the game.

Referral Help:
If you want to refer more players to the game you can go here and get a banner for your site or maybe some place else that you can post it for other players to click. When they click it you will receive a referral point.

Gift Subscription:
Are you feeling generous? Well if you are and maybe want to give a friend or another player subscription status you can go here and give it to them. You can also give these players packages.

City Market:

Trade Centre:
If you want to give or trade items to another player then you can come here and enter their ID’s to perform the action.

Item Market:
If you need to buy Weapons, Armor, Shields, Helmets, Rings or Pickaxes then this is where you want to check first.

Ore Market:
If you need to buy Burelia or Alethite then this is where you want to go to buy them.

Sunstone Market:
If you need to buy Sunstone then this is where you want to go to buy them.

Rhodium Market:
If you need to buy Rhodium then this is where you want to go to buy them.

Sapphire Market:
If you need to buy Sapphires then this is where you want to go to buy them.

Diamonds Market:
If you need to buy Diamonds then this is where you want to go to buy them.

Serfs Market:
You can buy Serfs here. Serfs will use your Energy that you cannot use while you are offline. They cost Sapphires so choose the one that you want to use. You can only use the Serfs available for your Class.

Rhodium Shop:
If you want to buy Rhodium you can come here and buy it. If you have a Dwelling you cannot buy Rhodium here, you must use the Rhodium Market. You can also exchange Rhodium for Tokens here.

You can play many Vegas type games here for money. Roulette, BlackJack, Slots and Poker are the games you can play. Good luck winning some money!


If you have Abilty you can come here and perform some options on a player. If you perform a Séance you will raise a dead player back to life so you can kill him again. If you don’t want to be attacked by a player for 12 hours (or until the next Reset) you can Part with a Lost Soul. Doing this will make you be invulnerable from that players attacks for the 12 hours or until the Reset takes place, whichever comes first. You can also raise your max Abilty here for 50 Sapphires.

Bounty Hunter:
Does a player continue to kill you? Well if you want to give someone an incentive to kill this player you can post them here. This is the Bounty board that you can post a players name and a payment that will be given if another player kills the person you put the bounty on.

The Underground:
This place will give you the option to reset a lot of things in game. You can also claim a years Subscription or forge an Diamond. Everything here costs Sapphires with the exception of forging and Diamond which costs Rhodium

The Mines:
If you have your mining gear from the Mining Shop or the Item Market you can visit The Mines to start your search for Burelia and Alethite. You can see your mining level, current mining experience, experience needed for the next level and your mining Fatigue. You will also see how much Burelia and Alethite you have.

Mining Shop:
Every miner needs his tools. You can find the Pickaxe selection here. You should check out the Item Market first before you buy one of these Pickaxes because it might be cheaper.

West Passage:
If you want some very special options you can come here and buy them with in game gold. The prices are hefty, but they are worth it.

Sunstone Mines:
If you are out of Energy and have no Food/Drink but you do have a Sunstone then you can come here and use your Sunstone to restore 30 Energy back.

Online Store:
Buy your Wardor apparel here.

Keep running out of Energy and you want more? Well if you have 50 Sunstone come here and smelt them and gain a MAX energy boost anywhere between 5-12.

If you have 50 Sapphires then you might want to check this place out. You can put your Sapphires in the smelting chamber found here and you will get an AP boost anywhere between 5-35.

Please click the menu items at the top of the screen to view more information on the game. If you have a problem that is not releated to any point in this guide then please feel free to email a staff member at To get in direct contact of the main Wardor developer he is avable at This guide is only meant to help you and teach you how to play Wardor to get the most out of the game. None of these tips or instructions are required in anyway.

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