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First off, there are NO in game cheats for this game. Attempting to try and cheat at this game will result in your account being jailed. Your best way to advance through the game is through strategy and advice from others.

Energy is used as turns in the game. You can use your energy in the Forest, Dark Forest, Battlegrounds, Indigo Caves and the Pig Farm. You regain your energy every hour for Non-Subscribers or every half hour for Subscribers and Ultra Subscribers. You can also refill your energy by buying food or drink from the Food/Drink Shop found in Anadon.

Shopping District:
If you want Weapons, Armor, Shields, Helmets, or Rings you can visit the Shopping District. We RECOMEND that you first check out the Item Market first before you buy your items because prices will most likely be cheaper. Players save about 10% if they buy items in the Item Market; however, not many players use the Item Market, use it for your advantage.

Training Facility:
You SHOULD visit this place twice every day! If you are a Non-Subscriber or a Subscriber you get 15 trains every reset. If you are an Ultra Subscriber you will get 20 trains per reset. There are 2 resets every day so try your best to train in the gym!

It is HIGHLY recommended that you join a Fort as soon as possible. A lot of clans offer free healing which means you do not have to pay to be healed at Wizard Ruben. Clans offer protection as well as loans of gold, Rhodium and Jasper. Most of the clans also offer guides, tips, training and even give armor to beginner players to help them out as they start. If you donít like your Fort you can leave it whenever you wish.


Pig Farm:
If you want to make money quick then use your energy here. You will be giving up the energy you could be using for other things, but you will be making gold as a benefit. It is also recommended that you train your Wood Cutting with your Ability so you can get more gold per energy usage (eg. Level 4 lumbering will earn you 70 gold).

Seafaring Dock:
This is probably the most profitable place to make money. As soon as you can, try to buy a Row Boat, you canít go far with this boat but you will make some money for yourself. After you acquire more funds you can try to buy a Longboat or a Warship. These boats can go further out in the waters and catch better fish. Donít forget to buy your equipment before you head out.

The Mines:
You should go mining twice every day. You have 60 mining turns every reset to use for your advantage. Ore can be sold in the Ore Market for a good profit.

Visit Trapping to earn some money. You can roam the forest until you find a spot you think will be a good place for an animal. Place your trap then come back later and check it. If you have an animal in it then you would get some gold for it. Good luck trying to catch some of the bigger animals.

If you are feeling lucky you can try your luck in the Casino by playing Roulette, BlackJack[i/], Slots, or going to the Poker Lobby. Be careful playing poker because you could lose more then you win.

Old Shack:
Think you are good at hangman? Come visit this place and see if you can win a game or two for some gold. You must have 30 gold to start, if you win you will double your earnings.

If you think you can read the markets well and want to you can buy items for bargain deals and then re-sell them back on the market for a profit. A lot of players have made their money buy playing with the markets. Its recommended to do this when you have some money to invest in certain items.

Please click the menu items at the top of the screen to view more information on the game. If you have a problem that is not releated to any point in this guide then please feel free to email a staff member at To get in direct contact of the main Wardor developer he is avable at This guide is only meant to help you and teach you how to play Wardor to get the most out of the game. None of these tips or instructions are required in anyway.

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